Australian Dairy Industry

Based in the heart of Australia’s heartland dairy industry, our Victorian based quarantine station represents home to many types of herds and breeds. Backed with over 50 years of dairy industry experience our specialist Australian livestock representatives understand the requirements and processes of not only identifying appropriate stock but also the importance of selecting quality dairy live stock.

We get it! Our livestock representatives have experience in managing their own dairy farms. They understand the day to day operations and the demands placed on our dairy farmers.

Highly experienced in the buying and selling of cattle across the dairy industry, we are confident that we can help you with:

  • Identifying appropriate herds and breeds
  • Select quality Dairy Livestock
  • Understand production requirements and herd test results
  • Assist our clients with breeding programs and sire selections, sex semen, Ai mating, joining at certain weights
  • Select backup sires (Bulls)
  • AQIS approved vet to conduct all pregnant testing
  • At our registered Quarantine facility any vaccinations can be provided at our clients request
  • Supplying quality Dairy goats

For all your Australian Dairy Livestock Exports contact us today!