Holstein Friesians Dairy Cattle

Holstein Friesian Best dairy cattle in the worldConsidered the best dairy cattle in the world, the Holstein Friesian is an Australian dairy farmer favourite and can be found in all parts of Australia. 

With approximately 83 percent of Australian dairy cows being Holstein and their ability to produce high milk yields makes this the very best dairy breed available and the primary reason 9,256 farmers choose Holstein.

The average annual production for registered Australian Holstein is 

  • Up to 18,000 litres of milk per lactation 
  • 3.82% fat
  • 3.21% protein 
  • Average lactation period 305 days

Our livestock representatives have previous experience in managing their own dairy farms. They understand the day to day operations and the demands placed on our clients. You can read more about Holstein cattle characteristics here.


Holstein Friesian Heifer Exports

Steady export demand for Australian dairy heifers has seen the industry grow thanks in part to exports to countries such as China, Taiwan and Pakistan. And these markets are not shy about rapid development: dairy farms have been changing from small farms with a handful of cows, to large operations with 100,000 plus cows, according to The Weekly Times Now

“The majority of our clients are from repeat business, as it’s fairly low risk while allowing them to expand their dairy production greatly.” 

 We work with our clients to work out what their best option might be. Orders can vary from young unjoined heifers to pregnancy-tested in-calf heifers. Australia's top genetics, resilient breeds and stringent health protocols means that our Holstein Friesian dairy heifers are in great demand and will continue to be.


Why Should You Choose Us as Your Holstein Friesian Heifer Exporter?

You will benefit from our extensive, nation-wide supply network and strong vendor relationships, supply-chain infrastructure direct ‘farm to export’ model, using no middlemen. We are your fully integrated livestock export service.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters have been involved with the dairy heifer trade for numerous years and have both the skills and knowledge to supply world class dairy heifers to your local market. We regularly export to countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Middle East and much of the world (provided there are adequate ports to ship and fly into).

Highly experienced in the buying and selling of cattle across the dairy industry, we are confident that we can help you.

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Video: The Iconic Holstein Freisian