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Are you looking to import Australian Jersey cows into your local market? Australia's Livestock Exporters is a world leading dairy livestock exporter. We export to countries all over the world. To find out more about the Jersey cow breed and what makes them unique, read on. 



Jersey cattle are arguably one of the most attractive breeds of cow there is. They have large eyes, a pale caramel coat, black noses and black markings on their muzzle, ears, and feet.

That's not what makes them the second most popular breed on Earth though. They are also very productive dairy cattle and will add enormous value to your farm or food production business.


Jersey Cows are Great Keepers

In an industry where economizing is everything, Jersey cows represent great value for money.

They're small in stature, maxing out at just 500kg each. This means they need a lot less food than large heavy animals like Holstein cattle. Jerseys also convert feed to energy more efficiently than large breeds.

They're also more heat tolerant than the larger breeds, which means they spend more time grazing and less time lying in the shade.

Their hard black hooves and low weight mean that lameness is a less common occurrence in this breed.


They're Gentle Creatures

Apart from being easy on the eye and the wallet, Jersey cows are exceptionally calm and gentle. They thrive no matter how you raise them, whether it be on a feedlot or out in the open fields.

Unfortunately, Jersey bulls don't share the same placid characteristics. They're usually more aggressive than most domestic bulls. Thankfully, the advent of artificial insemination means you don't need a bull to ensure that your cows keep producing calves.

Jersey cows are good mothers, making them ideal for organic farming concerns where calves remain with their mothers. 


Jerseys Yield High Quantities of Milk

Once it's time to calve, Jersey cows do so with ease. They very seldom experience any problems with obstructed birth (dystocia).

Lactating cows produce vast quantities of milk for their size, up to 28 kilograms a day. Their lactation lasts around 305 days. This is important to note, as you are probably looking to import high quality Jersey cattle into your country. We can help you here.


Jersey Milk has a High Butterfat Content

Jersey milk has the highest fat content up to (6%) of any breed. It's also higher in protein than other common dairy breeds at 3.59%.

This means that you get more cream per litre of Jersey milk. More cream means more butter, more cheese and more ice cream. In addition, most Jersey cows produce the type of A2 milk favoured by lactose-intolerant people.

Thanks to these qualities, you can charge more for Jersey cow milk. 


Australian Jersey Cattle Exports

The earliest reference to Jersey cattle in Australian history concerns the sale of 200 cows in Sydney during 1829.

After that, Australian farmers were quick to take advantage of the many benefits of farming these animals in Australia's hot, dry conditions.

The Australian Jersey Breed Society came into being over 120 years ago. This organisation strives to maintain all the best qualities of purebred Jerseys and protect the genetic quality of the breed in Australia.

Thanks to their efforts Australia is home to exceptionally well-bred and productive Jersey herds. That explains why Australia's Livestock Exporters are one of the leading exporters of Jersey cows worldwide.


US Jersey Cattle Exports to China

Many Chinese food production companies and dairy farmers look to import US Jersey cattle into their local market. What they may not be aware of is that Australian Jersey cattle are comparable and in some cases, a preferable choice. 

There are advantages in importing Australian Jersey dairy cattle into China. 

  • Australia is closer to China then the US, meaning the distance travelled by the livestock is less, thus helping to minimise transport stress 
  • If China is to achieve the aggressive targets of its milk industry development plan, Australian genetics also need to be imported
  • There is a real demand to know the strengths of the Australian cow and get access to Australia's world leading genomic dairy traits
  • Australia has a progressive and advanced dairy breeding industry, based on a cooperative model established more than 60 years ago 
  • While US farmers have done well promoting the US Holstein Total Performance, the Australian industry is progressing with the Australian Balanced Performance Index, which is tailored to include many desirable traits of interest to Chinese farmers (source: Stock Journal)


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