Australia's Livestock Exporters

Livestock Export Companies

Australia’s Livestock Exporters is one of the world’s leading livestock export companies. We are suppliers of livestock: high quality Dairy Cattle, Horses, Camels, sheep and goats to countries around the world, in particular throughout the Middle East and South East Asia 

Australia’s Livestock Exporters has built its business on passion, commitment and the courage to innovate, our specialty is the supply of Dairy Cattle to would be Dairy farms internationally. 

Australia’s Livestock Exporters meets all Australian Government requirements and regulations at every stage of the export process. Ask us about our A2 tissue testing Dairy Cattle procedure.


Our Ethics

  • Australia’s Livestock Exporters is committed to the ethical and humane treatment of animals, and we stand out from other livestock export companies.
  • Note: Australia’s Livestock Exporters is exclusively involved in the export of livestock for breeding purposes to approved destinations by airfreight and sea.
  • We operate a high level of service to our farming customers, using no middlemen, so we keep our costs low and pass the benefit on to you. Nevertheless, you can be assured we take no short-cuts when it comes to the welfare of the animals.
  • We even offer our clients live HD video of each head of livestock in order for our clients to select the livestock they desire - this makes the export process transparent and accountable.
  • Stress Free Vitamins – For all exported livestock, specifically for ‘pregnant’ heifers from entering our quarantine facilities through to destination.
  • We are a leading livestock export company due to our commitment to the humane and ethical treatment of our livestock and our committment to upholding industry best practice when it comes to breeding, bloodlines, pedigree, testing and disease free status.


Benefits of Working With Us

Ethical & Humane Treatment of Animals

Unlike other exporters, we are exclusively involved in the export of livestock for breeding purposes which makes us experts in the industry

Client Relationships

We value our relationship with clients and encourage active involvement throughout the process, starting from selection till arrival at the destination.

Specialists in Livestock Export Industry

Our team of specialists and veterinarians come from dairy farm backgrounds with over 50 years experience in the field.

Australian Government Approved & Licensed

ALE are committed to meeting all health and export related requirements and protocols.


Quality Assurance

No middlemen are used which ensures we have complete control at every touchpoint.

Industry Connections

Our strong ongoing relationships with the best farms in Australia ensures our livestock are of exceptional quality.

Australian Based

Australia is well known for it's disease-free livestock and cattle that can easily adapt to extreme weather conditions without issue.


We make sure you're covered for mortality and abortion for up to 125% of purchase priuce, pending client request.

Video: On the Farm