Transporting Australian Livestock

Australia’s Livestock Exporters export livestock by sea and air. The industry is recognised as having the world’s highest animal welfare standards for livestock exports. 

Australia’s Livestock Exporters operates under strict regulations and is committed to maintaining Australia’s world leading reputation. Livestock exporters must be licensed by the Australian Government and livestock vessels must meet strict requirements governed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. 

These standards, along with strict regulation and the industry’s commitment to caring for livestock on their voyages overseas, mean that over 99% of all Australian animals arrive fit and healthy at their destinations.

Australia's Livestock Exporters has the capability for supplying chartered 747 and A330 aircrafts along with numerous vessels, pending the destination and livestock ordered.

ALE operates its own vessels starting from 4000sqm up to 11000 sqm with all exports adhering to the strict regulations pertaining to the Australian Government and Australian Maritime Safety Authority.