Transporting Australian Livestock

Australia’s Livestock Exporters export livestock by sea and air. The industry is recognised as having the world’s highest animal welfare standards for livestock exports and we are committed to ethical and humane treatment of animals. We exclusively export dairy livestock for breeding purposes to approved destinations by airfreight and sea.

Note: We do not export livestock for slaughter - only dairy and breeding purposes.



Australia’s Livestock Exporters operate under strict regulations and we adhere to Australian Government requirements and regulations across our export process. We are committed to upholding Australia’s world leading reputation in this regard.

Australian livestock export companies must hold a livestock export licence issued under the Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Act 1997 and the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Industry (Export Licensing) Regulations 1998.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages these licences. Additionally, livestock transport vessels must meet strict rules governed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

According to the National Farmers Federation of Australia ‘Industry Fact Sheet’, 99.85% of cattle and 99.26% of sheep and exported by sea arrived at their destination fit and healthy, in 2011.



Australia's Livestock Exporters has the capability for supplying chartered 747 and A330 aircrafts along with numerous vessels, pending the destination and livestock ordered. You can find out more about minimal order quantities and other related question on our FAQS page.

 Australia’s Livestock Exporters operates its own vessels starting from 4000sqm up to 11000 sqm with all exports adhering to the strict regulations pertaining to the Australian Government and Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


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