Dairy Livestock Export Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Dairy Livestock Export FAQSOn this page you can read some of the frequently asked questions we are asked and how we may help you in choosing the right livestock exports. Note: Australia's Livestock Exporters do not export livestock for slaughter purposes but only dairy and breeding purposes. 


What are our minimum export quantities?

This depends on the country we are exporting to and the particular breed. Find out more about our shipping and livestock transportation service here.

For countries that have direct cargo flights from Australia

Countries that have cargo flights directly from Australia the minimum quantity is:

  • Cattle 40 head 
  • Sheep 100 head
  • Goats 100 head

For countries that don't have cargo or connecting flight

Minimum quantities depend on destination and breed as there are no cargo flights or connecting flights into certain countries. For countries that do not have cargo flights there is a minimum order required such as chartering a 747 aircraft or in some cases a A330 aircraft. In regards to sea export the minimum quantity for cattle is:

  • 1500 heads pending on specifications of the cattle
  • 1500 heads being for pregnant Heifers or
  • 2000 heads for unjointed Heifers.

It is best to contact us to clarfiy how we can help you in this regard. 


How many heads can we supply at a time?

We can provide up to 15,000 head of cattle at a time pending on common breeds and 2500 head of Dairy goats at a time again pending on breeds.


What countries can we export to?

We export to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to most countries globally! Just ask us if we can export to you.


Who do we currently export for?

Australia's Livestock Exporters can proudly say we have successfully exported over 90,000 heads of livestock globally. We have exported to different government agencies all around the world include: various departments of defence, the United Nations and some of the worlds leading dairy farms. We have exported into Malaysia for over 18 years and have helped our clients there to really grow their local industry. 

Some of our export clients include: 

  • The Malaysian Government
  • The United Arab Emirates 
  • Emirates Dairy farm
  • The Indonesia Government
  • Falaj Dairy UAE
  • The United Nations, and
  • Kheir farm, just to make a few.


Are we able to export Purebred Heifers with Pedigree certificates?

Yes. As a matter of fact we encourage cattle with pedigree certificates supplied by the particular breed society. For example, Holstein Australia.


Can we export cross breeds or commercial cattle?

Of course we can, being joined or unjoined.


Can we provide our clients with pregnancy status?

Yes we provide all clients with pregnancy periods along with a tag list which includes tag numbers, RFID numbers, pregnancy status (in weeks) and much more.


What if clients can not travel to Australia to select their livestock?

Australia's Livestock Exporters can provide videos of each head with the tag number red out in order for clients to select the cattle they desire.


Can we supply Ai bred and pregnant to Ai Heifers?

Australia's Livestock Exporters offers clients a joined program Heifers option. This gives you the option to select unjointed Heifers and we will join the Heifers by AI or natural to a bull of your choice also at the joining weight of your choice. This way you will have exactly what you require at the other end of the journey. Whether is is genetics, big frame cattle or certain bloodlines as you require! Simply ask us for more infomation or read more about our livestock export services here.


What is the difference between our companies and others?

We do not export livestock for slaughter purposes but only Dairy and breeding purposes not to mention Wagyu cattle, this gives us the advantage to concentrate and specialise in one industry and offer our expertise in mainly the Dairy industry.


Our history in the Dairy industry?

All of our staff either owned or grew up on a Dairy farm, mainly in Victoria: Australia's Dairy hub state. This gives us the enviable advantage of knowing the best Dairy suppliers Australia has to offer and being able to pass this on to you. We also have intricate knowledge about the Dairy industry more broadly, specifically across the areas of milk production, Ai, quality of cattle, stress management, vaccinations, and caring of livestock.


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