International Livestock Exporters

International Livestock ExportersWe are the International Dairy Livestock Experts

The only thing we care more about than you (our customers) is our dairy livestock. With a successful track record of exporting over 90,000 head of livestock globally, and with a commitment to exporting livestock of world leading quality, we stand apart from the rest on the world stage.

Our dairy livestock animal export business includes world class exports from Australia into markets including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to most countries globally! Just ask us if we can export to you.

You can benefit from our strong relationships across the globe and our high quality dairy livestock that is, in our opinion, the best in the world.


Why Choose Australia’s Livestock Exporters?

  • Our livestock comes from pristine environments across the wide country of Australia
  • We hold a firm commitment to exporting disease free livestock
  • Our international livestock export breeds are remarkably heat tolerant, which is a real benefit if you’re located in a hotter climate such as Asia or the Middle East
  • We have exported to different government agencies all around the world include: various departments of defence, the United Nations and world leading dairy farms.
  • We export purebred heifers with pedigree certificates
  • We provide videos of each head, complete with tag number, so you can select your preferred cattle, as desired.


Country Guides: Read Our Individual Country Guides


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