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Australia's Livestock Exporters


Who We Are

Welcome to Australia's Livestock Exporters your Australian Dairy livestock export specialist. We can supply you with Australian livestock exports into Japan.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters is one of the world’s leading livestock export companies, based in Australia. We can supply a wide range of popular dairy cattle including the Australian dairy farmer favourite, Holstein Friesian.

We are looking to expand our livestock export service and want to partner with reliable companies in Japan. If you are a food producer or dairy farmer looking for livestock companies that export to Japan, we can help.

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What We Do

We Import Livestock into Japan.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters can help you to import the following breeds of livestock from Australia into Japan:

Import Other Livestock Into Japan

We are also available to help you import the Jersey Dairy Cow, Illawarra Dairy Cattle and Guernsey Dairy Cattle into Japan. We may also be able to help you with Camels (Beauty & Racing), Horses (Beauty & Racing), Ponies and all miniatures.



Licensed, Approved and Professional

We are an Australian Government approved and licensed livestock exporter with extensive knowledge and experience in our field. It is a great responsibility and opportunity to manage and care for livestock. Well cared for dairy livestock are good for you and good for business.

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Grow Your Business With Australian Livestock Exports

Give your business the competitive edge: import Australian livestock today.

We’ll help you import high quality livestock for breeding and dairy purposes into your local market. This will help you breed up your stock levels and meet the ever-growing global demand for our premium livestock.

Give yourself the competitive edge in the market: invest in our multi-award winning breeds and become a leader in Japan today.

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What Customers Say About Us

With a successful track record of exporting over 90,000 head of livestock globally, we stand apart from the rest on the world stage.


"We thank ALE for supplying and exporting us our second shipment of Dairy Holsteins into the UAE. The quality and condition of the Heifers is outstanding."

Hamad Al Neyadi, Owner of Emirates Dairy.


 "Thank you ALE on the completion of our order of cattle. It was a pleasure visiting you during selection and can proudly say ALE staff advised me on selection in order to achieve the perfect line of heifers with great capacity and type."

Professor Azmi Seri, leading vet at the Malaysian Department of Agriculture.


"Really happy with the process from beginning till arrival of our Heifers, good quality Heifers thank you ALE"

Vietnam Client