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What ports do we currently import into?

Sea Ports

We can ship to most sea ports in Japan. We commonly ship to Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama. We operate our own vessels starting from 4,000 sqm up to 11,000 sqm with all exports adhering to the strict regulations pertaining to the Australian Government and Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


We can fly livestock into Narita, Haneda (near Tokyo), Kansai (near Osaka) and Chubu (near Nagoya). Depending on your order quantity, we can arrange chartered 747 and A330 aircrafts.



Livestock Minimum Order Quantities

Our minimum order quantities depend on the particular breed. If direct cargo flights are available from Australia to Japan, the following applies:

  • Cattle 40 head
  • Sheep 100 head
  • Goats 100 head

If there are no cargo or connecting flights, there is a minimum order required such as chartering a 747 aircraft or in some cases a A330 aircraft.

In regards to sea export the minimum quantity for cattle is:

  • 1,500 heads pending on specifications of the cattle
  • 1,500 heads being for pregnant Heifers or
  • 2,000 heads for unjointed Heifers.

It is best to contact us to clarify how we can help you in this regard.



Livestock Regulations

Our livestock export service aims to meet all regulatory and quarantine requirements for both the Australian and Japanese governments. Australia is the largest livestock exporter in the world, with exports to Japan providing a valuable market for Australia’s livestock producers. Animal welfare is our main priority.

We follow all AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) regulations, in order to ensure all livestock have a safe journey. All livestock are weighed, we also check their height, vaccinate, and insure that livestock have the density with plenty of room while on their journey.

At Australia’s Livestock Exporters, it’s important that all animals commence their export journey to Japan with the appropriate standards in place. The following information relates to animal welfare laws and guidelines, and practices relating to quarantine.

Reference Links

  • Land Transport Livestock Standards & Guidelines PDF
  • Australian Standards for Export of Livestock (ASEL) PDF



livestock testingSelection & Health Testing

You may want to import top quality breeding stock into Japan or perhaps you want to increase your herd size. Either way, our experienced team will assist you along the way.

You are welcome to visit Australia and our farms to see the livestock for yourself. This way you have full transparency and get to enjoy the experience as well. Alternatively, we can  arrange to do this on your behalf, saving you time & money. It’s all apart if the service.

Fully qualified and experienced veterinarians test all livestock to ensure compliance with health requirements. We want to make sure your livestock is safe to be transported overseas. Rest assured, Australian cattle are amongst the healthiest in the world against disease.



Administration & Quarantine

Australia’s Livestock Exporters coordinate with all stakeholders, including our farms, breeders, veterinarians and Government health officials, to insure a safe and uninterrupted movement of your livestock.

There are quarantine requirements that must be met when importing livestock into Japan. Initially, stock will be moved to our quarantine centre whilst all protocol requirements are met to satisfaction. After this,  your livestock is ready for safe export into Japan. 

All livestock are weighed, vaccinated and tagged prior to leaving. Our clients are supplied with all tag numbers along with pregnancy results.



Joining Program

You can benefit from our joining program service whereby you select artificial insemination of which the heifers are encalved too. We understand that you may prefer heifers to be mated at a certain age or weight in order to obtain more accurate results and genetics for the life of the stock.

We are well resourced to provide you with AI advice and assistance to meet your needs. We can assist you with any query you may have.

Contact us today for information on artificial insemination, our joining program and livestock export services Japan.



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