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While the Australian Jersey dairy cow is a smaller breed of dairy cattle (compared to the larger Holstein Friesian), they boast the highest quality milk for human consumption. A single glass of Jersey milk contains more quality protein and fat when compared to a standard glass of milk.

Read on to learn about the benefits of the Jersey breed and more.


1. Jersey Cow Milk Is High in Butterfat

Jersey cows produce milk that is unusually high in butterfat. This makes it an ideal milk for use in making butter, clotted cream, and even dairy ice cream.

Jersey cow milk has an average buttermilk content of around five percent. Butterfat makes up about 30 percent of the total solids and is high in carotene which gives the cream a distinctive yellow colour. Jersey cow milk also contains 25% more calcium than other milk.


2. Jersey Cows Are Relatively Small

Jersey cows have an average weight of about 500 kg.

The smaller size and low body weight in comparison to other breeds of dairy cattle make the Jersey an economical choice for dairy farmers. It allows them to transport herds in much larger numbers, which brings obvious benefits.

Jersey cows are also very cost-effective to maintain and their lighter weight means they have fewer problems with going lame.


3. Jersey Cows Are Highly Fertile

Jersey cows are prized for their high fertility. They are an ideal breed for crossbreeding with beef cattle or other dairy breeds. 

Despite their small size, Jersey cows offer easy calving with very few birthing problems. This is a trait that is also regularly passed on when Jersey cows are crossbred.


4. Jersey Cows Are Excellent Mothers

Jersey cows have very strong maternal instincts and take very good care of their offspring.

This is obviously a huge benefit to dairy farmers, who need to worry less about the care and protection of the calves. They can rest easy knowing that their next generation of cattle is being well looked after.


5. Jersey Cows Produce Milk More Efficiently

Studies show that Jersey cows produce their milk more efficiently than other breeds. This means that they require less feed to produce the same amount of milk.

Less feed means lower costs, so it's obvious why the Jersey is highly prized by dairy farmers. If you're looking to maximise your profits, you can't go far wrong with a Jersey cow.


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