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Australia’s Livestock Exporters has more than 50 years of combined experience specialising in the export of Australian dairy livestock to markets the world over.

We are a leading supplier of high quality dairy livestock, horses, camels, sheep and goats to countries including Japan.

Our specialty is the supply of dairy cattle to dairy farms and food producers in Japan.

We have already successfully exported over 6,000 head of dairy cattle into Japan. Demand for Australian dairy cattle is growing so be sure to made a trade enquiry today.  



Where We Export To

We export to countries all over the world. Our dairy livestock animal export business includes world class exports from Australia into markets including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, VietnamJapan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to most countries globally! Just ask us if we can export to you.



What to look for in an international livestock export company?

There are several key factors to consider when deciding on an international livestock export company.


Factor 1 – Livestock Sourcing

As a buyer of livestock, you need to know that we can source the right livestock at the right time. Key to this is a close relationship with producers, farmers and other stakeholders. Australia’s Livestock Exporters is well placed to ensure efficient and effective supply of high quality dairy livestock into Japan.


Factor 2 – Management of Livestock

Rest assured, animal welfare and management come before all else. As a livestock importer, you want to make sure that whoever you partner with meets regulatory and compliance requirements at all stages of the export process. We strive to meet these standards while also ensuring the safe and comfortable transport of livestock to you.


Factor 3 – Delivery

While the delivery of livestock into sea port or airport is the final stage of the export process, it is the most important. Livestock must be loaded and delivered in optimum condition to your requirements. We can provide technical support and guidance to optimise livestock health – just ask us. We have access to a range of purpose-built livestock export vessels as well as chartered 747 and A330 aircrafts.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters operate our own vessels starting from 4000sqm up to 11000 sqm with all exports adhering to the strict regulations pertaining to the Australian Government and Australian Maritime Safety Authority.



Why Partner With Us?

Ethical & Humane

We exclusively work with the transport of dairy livestock for breeding purposes and we aim to abide by the highest animal welfare standards.

Client Relationships

We value our relationship with clients and encourage active involvement throughout the process, starting from selection till arrival at the destination.


Our team of specialists and veterinarians come from dairy farming backgrounds.

Australian Government Approved & Licensed

We are committed to meeting all export and welfare requirements and protocols.


Quality Assurance

We even offer you live HD video of each head of livestock so you can select the livestock you desire – you will find the process transparent and accountable.

Strong Relations

We build strong relations with you and strive to provide the best customer service.

Australian Based

Australia is famous for its disease-free livestock and wide ranging climates, which produce hardy and well adapted livestock.


We make sure you're covered for mortality and abortion for up to 125% of purchase priuce, pending client request.



Video: On the Farm