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Import Holstein Friesian Dairy Cattle Into Japan

Considered the best dairy cattle in the world, consider importing the Holstein Friesian cattle into Japan. You can benefit from their high milk yields, with up to 18,000 litres of milk per lactation, with 3.82% fat, 3.21% protein and an average lactation period of 305 days.


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As the demand for dairy products increases worldwide, there is a growing demand for high quality dairy breeding stock. You can grow your business with an investment in Holstein Friesian dairy cattle. Import the Holstein cow into Japan today - we can help.

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Video: Holstein Friesian Cattle

On the farm: Holstein Friesian cattle on the farm in Victoria, Australia


Choose Australia's Livestock Exporters As Your Holstein Friesian Supplier

Benefit from our extensive, Australia-wide supply network and strong vendor relationships, supply-chain infrastructure direct ‘farm to export’ model, using no middlemen. 

Australia’s Livestock Exporters has been involved with the holstein friesian trade for numerous years and we have the capacity and experience to supply world class dairy heifers to your local market.

Highly experienced in the buying and selling of cattle across the dairy industry, we are confident that we can help you.

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