Quality Livestock Exporters

Australia’s Livestock Exporters supplies clients with HD videos of each head of livestock in order of our clients to select the livestock they desire, otherwise clients are always welcome to come in person and make there selection.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters sources its Dairy Cattle and other livestock from Australia's best breeders.

Australia’s Livestock Exporters supplies A2 testing upon request on all Dairy cattle breeds.

Our Products (Livestock)

Pedigree certificates with image of heifer attached.

Pure bred, 100% bloodline from award winners and champion breeders.

Pedigree Certificates are supplied upon selecting and arrival of livestock. Pregnancy testing are also conducted before selection along with disease as required by importing countries permit. A2 testing is done by tissue sample and hair samples and sent to the lab with results supplied to clients.

Why Australia's Livestock Exporters

Australia's Livestock Exporters inspects all Dairy cattle for 'upright legs' NO extra teats, good capacity, and other defects of any other livestock we export. Any disease testing required is always done with results supplied to clients should clients request however Australia is a well known country for its disease free status.