Sheep: Dorper, White Dorper and Australian White Sheep Exports

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity?

This depends on the country we are exporting to and the particular breed.

For countries that have cargo flights directly from Australia the minimum order quantity for sheep is 100 head.


What countries can you export sheep to?

We may export throughout:

Asia - China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Middle East - United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

We may also export to most countries globally.


Note: Australia's Livestock Exporters do not export livestock for slaughter purposes but only dairy and breeding purposes.


Dorper and White Dorper Sheep

Australian Livestock Exporters recommend the Dorper and White Dorper sheep. These sheep are great because they are both easy to care for and produce a high ROI for the producer, with minimal inputs in term of labour, resources and money. The Dorper breed is characteristically adaptable and performs well across a wide range of environmental and climate conditions.


Benefits of This Breed

The Dorper are preferred for their excellent feed utilisation and conversion: they don’t need shearing, crutching and mulesing, and they are disease resistant.

Purebred Dorper rams can reach a live-weight of 90-120 kg and ewes 50-80kg. The Dorper carcass has a good conformation and fat distribution.

The Dorper don’t have a defined breeding season and can breed continually. Their breeding intervals can be as short as 8 months or 3 times in 2 years. Running rams with ewes continuously is one option that may stimulate reproduction, however it is also likely that ewes will adjust their fertility according to conditions.


Australian White Sheep 

Australian White Sheep Exports
Australian White Sheep. Image: Sally Cripps (The Land)


The relatively new Australian White Sheep, also called the 'Wagyu of the sheep world' by many, is taking the industry by storm and getting people excited. The Australian White Sheep is a wooless breed of sheep and is renowned for it’s exceptional eating quality and health benefits.

Just as Wagyu cattle are famous for their marble like qualities and softer unsaturated fats, the Australian White Sheep is now claiming a similar place for its meat. You can read more about this breed here.


Benefits of this Breed

  • There is something unique about the eating quality of the Australian White meat.  Some think it is better than Wagyu.
  • The meat quality is high in omega 3 fatty acids and has a low melting point, making it an ideal premium choice for selective consumers.
  • An award winning breed, the result of extensive research and world class breeding projects in Australia
  • Bred to be wooless: the sheep have short hair (as sheep originally did)


Australia’s Livestock Exporters can help you import the Australian White Sheep into your local market so that you can breed up your stock levels, helping you to meet the ever-growing global demand for this premium breed.

Give yourself the competitive edge in your market: invest in the multi-award winning Australian White Sheep, become a leader in your local market and grow your business.


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