Australian Sheep Exports

Dorper Sheep 

Australian Exporters recommend the Dorper and White Dorper sheeps. These sheep truely are easy to care for and popular for maximum returns to the producer for minimal inputs in term of labour, resources and money. The Dorper sheep are very adaptable and perform well in a large range of environmental conditions. 

The Dorper are considered an economical breed because of their excellent feed utilization and conversion, they don’t need shearing, crutching and mulesing, and they are disease resistant. 

Purebred Dorper rams reach a live-weight of 90-120 kg and ewes 50-80kg. The Dorper carcass has a good conformation and fat distribution. 

The Dorper can breed continually, with no defined season. Their breeding intervals can be as short as 8 months or 3 times in 2 years. Running rams with ewes continuously is one option that may stimulate reproduction, however it is also likely that ewes will adjust their fertility according to conditions.