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What ports do we currently import into?

We fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport when exporting by air. If the livestock are going by sea we use the Port of Taichung Taiwan (second largest port in Taiwan after Kaohsiung Port).



Current Shipping and Flight Arrangements/Quantities

The minimum quantity by air is 50 heads of cattle or 150 heads of Goats we have the capability to export up to 10,000 heads of cattle pending on specifications average of 250 heads per aircraft, minimum quantity by sea is 1500 heads of cattle per consignment.



Taiwan Livestock Regulations

There are several regulations when it comes to importing livestock into Taiwan and exporting livestock from Australia.  We follow a protocol for Taiwan, which includes points such as:

We may provide the following certificates:

  • Health Certificate
  • AAV Declaration
  • Property of Origin Certificate
  • Vendor Declaration
  • Laboratory tests
  • Travel and load plan, and many more as required

Also, Australia is recognized as a country free from foot and mouth disease, rinderpest, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and bovine spongiform encephalopathy.



Australian Government Regulations We Follow

At Australia’s Livestock Exporters, animal welfare is our main priority. We follow all AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) regulations, in order to ensure all livestock have a safe journey. All livestock are weighed, we also check their height, vaccinate, and insure that livestock have the density with plenty of room while on their journey.




Selection & Health Testing

When it comes to selecting the best livestock for export, we offer either live HD video or for you to come to Australia and visit our farms.

Rest assured that all livestock is tested by our experienced veterinarians to ensure compliance with health and quarantine requirements. You may also like to know that Australian cattle are amongst the healthiest in the world against disease.



Livestock Vaccinations and Quarantine 

We work with all stakeholders including breeders, farmers, veterinarians, health officials and of course you to ensure the safety and quality of your livestock is maintained. Your livestock will initially be moved to our quarantine centre whilst all protocol requirements is completed promptly and accurately ready for the safe export of your livestock. 

Also, all livestock are weighed, vaccinated and tagged prior to leaving. You will also receive tag numbers and pregnancy results, as required.



AI Selection and Calves

Should you require artificial insemination, we can help. We understand that some clients prefer heifers to be mated at a certain age or weight in order to obtain more accurate results and genetics for the life of the stock. We offer you experience in AI and can assist you with any query you may have. Contact us to find out more.



Video: Livestock Shipping and Transport



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