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Who We Are?

Australia’s Livestock Exporters is a world-leading livestock exporter specialising in the dairy and breeder sector. We are available to export Australian livestock to Taiwan.

With over 50 years of combined experience across all areas of the international livestock export industry, we are well placed among international livestock export companies.



Our Ethics

When it comes to importing top quality livestock, you want to partner with a reliable and ethical export company. Find out why we are an ethical international exporter:

  • We’re 100% committed to the ethical and humane treatment of animals
  • Note: Australia’s Livestock Exporters is exclusively involved in the export of livestock for breeding purposes to approved destinations by airfreight and sea.
  • We operate a high level of service to customers (dairy farmers and food producers world-wide), using no middlemen, so we minimise costs and pass this benefit onto you. Nevertheless, you can be assured we take no short-cuts when it comes to animal welfare considerations. 
  • Take advantage of our live HD video service so you can select the livestock you desire - this makes the export process transparent and accountable.
  • Stress free vitamins – Given to exported livestock, specifically for ‘pregnant’ heifers, moving through quarantine facilities and on to destination.
  • We are committed to upholding industry best practice when it comes to breeding, bloodlines, pedigree, testing and disease free status.



Benefits of Working With Us


We aim to meet all animal welfare and ethical standards. We also exclusively work with dairy livestock for breeding purposes.


We value our relationship with clients and partners and provide excellent service from selection till arrival at the destination.

Specialist Knowledge

Our team of specialists and veterinarians come from dairy farming backgrounds.

Australian Government Approved & Licensed

We are committed to meeting all export and welfare requirements and protocols.


Quality Assurance

We even offer you live HD video of each head of livestock so you can select the livestock you desire – you will find the process transparent and accountable.

Strong Relations

We build strong relations with you and strive to provide the best customer service.

Hardy, Adaptable

Australia produces hardy and disease-free livestock that adapt well to a range of climates.


We make sure you're covered for mortality and abortion for up to 125% of purchase price, pending client request.



Where We Export To

We export to countries all over the world. Our dairy livestock animal export business includes world class exports from Australia into markets including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, VietnamJapan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to most countries globally! Just ask us if we can export to you.



Video: On the Farm



Make A Trade Enquiry

If you're a dairy farmer or producer in Taiwan looking to import top quality breeder and dairy livestock, please make a trade enquiry today.