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Australia's Livestock Exporters is a world-leading exporter of Australian Jersey cattle. We can import this breed into Taiwan for you. Key to our success are the close working relationships with producers and farmers throughout Australia. This ensures you get access to a range of livestock to meet your needs. 

Jersey cows are a picture of pastoral idyll, but it's more than aesthetic qualities that make them one of the most popular breeds in the world. 

If you want to see better quality milk and increased profits, then the Jersey cow is the right choice for you. Here's why.


Jersey Cow Milk Is the Best

Production-wise, Jersey cows yield large quantities of milk daily, second only to the much larger Holstein cow. On average, Jersey cows produce 28 litres of milk per day during their 300-day lactation. 

However, the quality of Jersey milk is far superior to that of the Holstein. 

Jersey milk has the highest fat and protein content of any breed, up to 6%. Calcium ratios for Jersey milk are 20% higher than their competitors. 

What's more, this protein is A2 beta-casein protein, which is far more digestible to humans than the A1 protein that Holstein cows produce. 


Jersey Cows and Profits

Thanks to these health benefits, A2 milk sells for almost twice the price of A1 milk. Dairy cream is also a high ticket price item, which means that every drop of Jersey cow milk is more valuable than Holstein milk. 

Gallon for gallon, you can expect to make more money from a Jersey cow than you would from a Holstein, but there's more.

Jersey cows are extremely efficient at converting food into milk. During her lactation, a Jersey cow produces 21% more milk per kilogram of forage consumed than other breeds. 


Jersey Cattle Breed Characteristics

  • Yet another benefit of Jersey cows is their hardiness. They are heat-tolerant, which means they spend more time grazing and less time standing in the shade.
  • Their hard black feet are resistant to injury and disease, and their overall health is good, so you can expect less veterinary bills.
  • Jersey cows have gentle, calm natures that make them easy to handle and less prone to injuries caused by fractious behaviour.
  • They're easy calvers, rarely needing assistance.
  • They're also good mothers, making them the ideal candidate for organic farming methods. 


Creating the Perfect Jersey Dairy Cow

The field of Jersey dairy herd genetics centres on improving the desirable qualities of the breed. These include hardiness, longevity, reproductive efficiency, milk quality, and milk production.

Thanks to careful selective breeding and advanced AI technologies, Australian Jersey cows are some of the top producers in the world.

So it's no surprise that Australian specimens are highly sought after in the international dairy arena.  


Importing Jersey Cattle to Taiwan

We have vast numbers of top-class dairy heifers available to you, direct from the farm. Our years of experience and industry expertise make the whole process easy and convenient for buyers.

Get in touch right away if you'd like to start enjoying the profitability that the Jersey cow brings to the table.  



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