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We can help you to import the Holstein Friesian cattle into Taiwan. They are considered as amongst the best dairy cattle for milk production in the world. 

This is why:

  • They are high milk producers
  • Holstein Friesians can produce up to 18,000 litres of milk per lactation
  • This milk has 3.82% fat and 3.21% protein
  • They have an average lactation period of 305 days

As global dairy consumption increases, there is a growing demand for high quality dairy breeding stock. Grow your business with top quality dairy cattle.

Consider importing the Holstein cow into Taiwan today - we can help.

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Video: Holstein Friesian Cattle

On the farm: Holstein Friesian cattle on the farm in Victoria, Australia


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Contact Australia's Livestock Exporters today so we can provide you with more information about importing Holstein Friesian dairy cattle into Taiwan. We can advise you on the ports we ship/fly to, minimum order quantities and other related matters.

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