Dairy Livestock Exports to Indonesia

Import Dairy Livestock into Indonesia



Who We Are

Australia's Livestock Exporters is a world-leading exporter of dairy livestock. Being based in Australia, we export top breeds of livestock for dairy and breeding. With a successful track record of exporting close to 100,000 head of livestock, we stand ready to grow the Indonesian dairy industry. 

Unlike other exporters that primarily deal with beef and slaughter, we concentrate on the growing dairy sector. You can rely on us to help grow your local market with the best breeders and heifers from top bloodlines.

Now you can partner with us to import dairy livestock directly into Indonesia today. 


What We Do

We currently already export into Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and throughout much of Sout East Asia. We can help you to import dairy livestock into the including:


Full Export Service to Indonesia

Australia’s Livestock Exporters export livestock by sea and air. We are recognised as having one of the world’s highest animal welfare standards for livestock exports. We are also committed to ethical and humane treatment of animals. When importing dairy and breeder livestock into Indonesia, we can provide the following export services:

  • Selection & health testing
  • Administration & quarantine
  • Joining program
  • Transportation by air or sea


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