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Posted on 30 March 2019

ALE Now Exports Dairy Heifers into China to Meet Growing Demand


China is becoming a major player for the Australian dairy export industry and Australia's Livestock Exporters is well positioned to meet this demand. The Chinese are importing dairy cattle, bull semen and processing infrastructure as they continue to grow and develop. The Chinese are looking for Holstein Friesian heifers that are strong, versatile, and that can thrive in moderate climates.

While Australian dairy products have been imported into China for many years, the government is building their own dairy industry to meet the needs of their huge population and growing affluence.

Chinese Expansion

Chinese dairy farming is moving from small farms with few cows to huge milking operations in excess of 100,000 cows. However, they can’t do it alone and are importing record numbers of dairy heifers to boost their local genetic mix. Australia is primed to service this growing market, given our geographic proximity to China and our world class dairy livestock genetics and milk production rates.

We are also in the enviable position of being one of only four exporting countries permitted to export dairy cows into China. The Chinese have put in place strict health protocols to protect their local industry and to safe guard against diseases such as foot and mouth disease.

According to an article published in The Weekly Times Now, China imported close to 200,000 heifers in 2014, of which 90,000 came from Australia. This looks set to increase into the future.

Alongside a strong and growing market for Australian sheep, Australian dairy cows are in high demand. Breds like the Holstein Fresian, Jersey cow, Illawarra dairy and the Guernsey dairy cow are all desirable and sought after. Australia’s Livestock Exporters has a proven track record in the international dairy livestock market and has the expertise necessary to service live exports to China.

World Leading Dairy Cattle Exports

Australia's Livestock Exporters are a leading livestock export company due to our humane and ethical treatment of dairy livestock and our commitment to provding you the best when it comes to: 

  • Breeding
  • Bloodlines
  • Pedigree
  • Testing and disease free status
  • Quaratine 


We make sure you're covered for mortality and abortion for up to 125% of purchase price, pending client request.

Exporting World Class Genetics to China

The Australian dairy industry is leading the way when it comes to dairy livestock genetic progress. The intensive nature of the dairy industry means that artificial insemination (AI) is used widely. The sires used in AI are sourced from around the world and this gives Australian producers access to the best genetics globally. These favourable genetic traits lift production significantly. As a matter of fact, herds that use AI widely, generally average more than 1,000 litres more milk per cow per year than herds that do not.

This is particulary pertant within the Chinese context, as they are looking to grow their local dairy industry and lift millk production rates.  This is why Australian dairy cattle exports are sough after in the Chinese market. 

What is the Difference Between Our Companies and Others?

We do not export livestock for slaughter purposes but only Dairy and breeding purposes. This gives us the advantage to concentrate and specialise in one industry and offer our expertise in mainly the Dairy industry.

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