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Posted on 28 February 2019

Are You Looking to Invest in the Australian Dairy Industry?

australian dairy industry

Are you looking to invest in the Australian dairy industry? On this page you will find information about the Australian dairy industry, statistics, production systems, international demand, and research and development progress. There is strong international interest in importing world class Australian dairy heifers, such as the Holstein Friesians Dairy Cattle/Heifers, to increase both the quality and quantity of milk production, especially from the Asian market. The following information highlights why people want to be a part of the Australian dairy industry.

Australian Dairy Industry Statistics

According to ‘The Australian Dairy Industry Report’ published by PWC, globally, Australia:

  • Is the world’s third largest dairy exporter as 50% of production is exported
  • Has its dairy industry valued at $4 billion gross
  • Exports over 40% of national milk production

Additionally, the Australian Dairy Herd is estimated at 2.6 million head.

The key dairy export markets for Australian product are:

  • Japan
  • China
  • South East Asia
  • Middle East

Video: Overview on Investment and the Australian dairy industry

 Video Source: Dairy Australia

Video Backgrounder: The inaugural Dairy Farm Investment Forum brought together for the first time in one room, the dairy industry with Australian and international investors. The Forum  showcased the opportunities in the Australian dairy industry, the type of people driving innovation, and the type of importing/exporting opportunities that are opening up. It also highlights the international interest in exporting world leading Australian dairy heifers to other markets, in particular China. The forum also showcased the Australian dairy industry to stakeholders who are interested in investing money in the dairy industry and growing their own dairy industry. A large delegation from China attended the forum.

Production Systems

Most of the Australian dairy herd can be found in Southeast Australia, in high rainfall areas along the coastal zone, as the map shows.


Image Source: pwc

There are two main production systems used in Australia: seasonal production and year-round production. Seasonal production is the most common and is a system where cows calve during the peak period of pasture availability. Almost two thirds of Australian dairy farms use this production system.

Year round production is a system where calving is spread throughout the year. This means that milk production is stable during the year, and is used in areas which supply fresh milk for domestic production.

If you would like to import Australian dairy cattle into your local market, what type of production system would be appropriate for your area?

Dairy Cattle Research and Development

We are a leading livestock export company due to our commitment to the humane and ethical treatment of our livestock and our commitment to upholding industry best practice when it comes to breeding, bloodlines, pedigree, testing and disease free status.

In terms of what the broader Australian dairy industry is doing, there is a heavy focus on genetic progress. The intensive nature of the dairy industry means that artificial insemination (AI) is used widely. The sires used in AI are sourced from around the world and this gives Australian producers access to the best genetics globally. These favourable genetic traits lift production significantly. As a matter of fact, herds that use AI widely generally average more than 1,000 litres more milk per cow per year than herds that do not.

The image below, from Dairy Australia, shows that milk production volumes are increasing while the number of dairy cows is decreasing. This is testament to the world leading dairy cattle that Australia produces and that we export to the international market.


That’s why you should consider importing Australian dairy cattle into your local market to grow your dairy industry.

Why Should You Invest in the Australian Dairy Industry?

Our industry is focused on sustainability to ensure a profitable supply of world-leading dairy products to export markets, including dairy livestock for breeding. Australian is renowned for developing innovative processes and being strong in research and development to help manufacturers, farmers and breeders alike.

Australia boasts a flexible farming system that produces livestock that are resilient to a range of climatic variables, especially heat stress. Australia is well known for its disease-free livestock and cattle that can easily adapt to extreme weather conditions without issue. This makes our livestock particularly well suited to export markets such as South East Asia and the Middle East.


What is the Difference Between Our Companies and Others?

We do not export livestock for slaughter purposes but only Dairy and breeding purposes not to mention Wagyu cattle, this gives us the advantage to concentrate and specialise in one industry and offer our expertise in mainly the Dairy industry.

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