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Import World-Class Dairy Cattle into Malaysia

On this page you can read about our other dairy cattle imports (Illawarra and Guernsey cattle). Find out more about Holstein friesian and Jersey cattle as well.

We export a range of different dairy cattle breeds from Australia into Malaysia. Australia is a world-leading dairy cattle exporter with over 51,976 head of dairy cattle exported in 20171

The largest markets for our dairy cattle include China, Pakistan and Indonesia. Malaysia is also a significant market. The information on this page should help to inform you of the different dairy cattle breeds we export and how you can import these into Malaysia.


Import Illawarra Dairy Cattle into Malaysia

Illawarra cattle are larger framed cattle, are predominantly red in colour, with some whites or roans (mix of red and white), and feature horns.

This breed is unique to Australia and was started by an Australian dairyman in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, hence the name Illawarra cattle. The breed features superior bloodlines from a number of other prized dairy breeds, including the Ayshire, Devon and Milking Shorthorn.

Illawarra’s are very docile cows that live longer compared to other breeds. They are easy to work with in the dairy and are good to handle for shows.

They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are very hardy. They make the most of available fees and don’t require much supplementary feeding.


Illawarra Cattle Milk Production 

  • In terms of milk production, the Illawarra breed produces large quantities of milk with many cows producing in excess of 40 litres per day.
  • They also produce large quantities of high butter fat and protein milk.
  • According to the Australian Meat & Livestock Export Corporation, Illawarra cows averaged 4,829 litres of milk, with slightly over 4 percent butter fat and 3.4 percent protein, under Australia's pasture production system.

This means the breed is in a great position to meet the growing world demands for protein and dairy products.

Australian Illawarra Shorthorn dairy cow heifers available for export.


Import Guernsey Dairy Cattle into Malaysia

The Guernsey is a breed of dairy cattle from the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Another popular breed from the Channel Islands is the Jersey cow, which we also export. The Guernsey cow is fawn or red and white in colour. It is a hardy and docile breed, making it ideal to handle.

 Being of intermediate size, the cow consumes approximately 20 to 30 percent less feed per kilo of milk compared to larger dairy breeds. The Guernsey cow is perfect for pasture-based milk production. Due to their grazing abilities, gentle disposition, calving ease and ability to efficiently produce milk with less feed the Guernsey cow is an ideal candidate for intensive grazing.

Most dairy producers recognise the profit potential and reduced management costs involved with the Guernsey dairy cow.


Guernsey Cow Milk Production

  • The Guernsey cow’s milk is rich in flavour, high in fat and protein, and has a golden-yellow tinge due to its high β-carotene content.
  • The milk’s butterfat content is around 5%, boasting a high protein content of 3.7%4. Guernsey cows produce around 6000 litres per cow per year5.
  • Average daily milking volume 22 litres
  • Lactation period of 305 days

Guernsey breed are known for their high rating of A2 genetics. Additionally, they have an average age at first calving of 24 months and an average interval between calves of 12 months.

Guernsey dairy cow heifers available for export.


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