Australian Dairy Cattle Statistics

Posted on 30 November 2018

Dairy Cattle Statistics Australia

According to the latest ABS data available at the time of writing (the 2016-17 reporting period) the Australian Dairy Herd is estimated at 2.6 million head. This figure represents a 2% decrease compared to 2015-16. The industry is valued at approximately $130 million annually. The state of Victoria has approximately two thirds of the country’s dairy cattle.

According to data from the ABS 2017, Australia’s top 5 exporting destinations for cattle (both beef and dairy cattle) are:

  • Indonesia (509,972)
  • Vietnam (167,697)
  • China (76,110)
  • Israel (33,807)
  • Turkey (26,090)


Australian Environment and Climate

Australian dairy products – produced by our world class dairy cattle – make up approximately 6% of world trade with Australia being the fourth largest exporter of dairy products. What makes Australian dairy products and our dairy cattle so sought after on the global stage is in part down to our enviable climate and natural resources.

Most of Australia’s dairy herd is located in the southeast of the continent which has conditions favourable to dairying and breeding. The industry is predominately pasture-based in climates of adequate natural rainfall, however there are some inland areas developed around irrigation schemes.


Dominant Breeds

The dominant breed in Australia is the Holstein, accounting for more than 65% of all dairy cattle. You can read more about this breed of cattle here. Other important breeds include the Jersey, the Holstein/Jersey cross, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire and local breeds, the Australian Red and the Illawarra.


An Australian Advantage

Thanks in part to advanced herd genetics and advances in pasture management and supplementary feeding, average dairy cow annual milk yield has doubled from 2,900 litres to as high as 5,900 litres within three decades. By importing Australian dairy cattle into your local market, you will take advantage of these significant improvements.


Our History in the Dairy Industry

Australian’s Livestock Exporters works closely with farmers in Australia’s dairy hub: Victoria. This gives us the enviable advantage of knowing the best dairy suppliers Australia has to offer and being able to pass this on to you. We also have intricate knowledge about the dairy industry more broadly, specifically across the areas of milk production, Ai, quality of cattle, stress management, vaccinations, and caring of livestock. 

Our specialty is the supply of dairy cattle to would be dairy farms internationally.


Industry Infographic



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