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The attractive Jersey dairy cow breed is a beautiful animal with its large liquid eyes, gentle nature, and fawn-coloured hide. It's one of the top choices as a family milking cow. 

Yet, this versatile little animal has more than looks and personality going for it. It's also a valuable addition to any dairy farm or food producing company. 


1. Jersey Cow Milk Has a High Butterfat Content

Every litre of Jersey milk has an average fat content of 6%, the highest in the industry. This fat content makes Jersey milk an attractive option for the butter, cream, cheese, and ice-cream industries. 

It also means you can get higher prices for Jersey milk since butterfat is the most valuable and versatile part of the liquid. 


2. Jersey Milk Contains A2 Protein

Unlike Holstein Friesian cows, Jersey cows produce milk that contains A2 beta-casein proteins. Studies show that the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease is higher in people that consume A1 milk.

Experts predict that the A2 milk market will grow at a rate of 23% per annum in the next five years, especially in Asia. A2 milk already sells for almost double the price of A1 milk in grocery stores.


3. The Jersey Dairy Cow Has a High Feed Conversion Ratio

Jersey cows convert feed into profits instead of manure. They are efficient at drawing nutrients from their fodder. 

That means more milk for fewer food costs. Jersey heifers also reach puberty about a month earlier than other cows.

That means you can get them out of the heifer shed and into the milking parlour sooner. That's 30 days less heifer feed and housing you have to pay for.


 4. Jersey Cattle are Hardy

Overall, Jersey cattle cope well with a variety of climates. They're particularly heat-tolerant, which makes them less prone to heat stress, which can be fatal in less hardy breeds.

They have an easy-going nature, which makes them easy to manage both in the pasture and the milking shed.

They're easy calvers, rarely needing birthing assistance, and are good mothers making them perfect candidates for organic milk production. 

Thanks to their calm disposition and hardy characteristics, Jersey cattle are easy to keep in prime-milking condition, without expensive veterinary intervention. 


5. Advanced Jersey Cow Genetics 

By working closely with the Australian Jersey Society, Genetics Australia has worked tirelessly to improve the standard of Jersey cattle on the continent. 

Thanks to careful sire selection and precise breeding programs, Australian jersey cows have been fine-tuned to portray all the best characteristics of their breed.

When you import Jersey heifers from Australia, you know they stem from families of durable animals producing high-yields of excellent quality milk. 


Importing Jersey Milking Cows to Vietnam

Australia Livestock Importers are the leading exporters of Jersey heifers in the world.

Our proximity to Vietnam makes importing cattle more cost-effective. Our years of experience ensure a smooth process throughout.

We have numerous relationships with dairy farmers across Australia, giving us access to heifers of the highest quality. As far as possible, we export cattle directly from these farms, which ensures less stress on the animals. 

If you would like to join the thousands of farmers who have realised the benefits of the Jersey dairy cow already, make a trade enquiry today.