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We are your Holstein Friesian dairy cattle supplier in Vietnam. Considered the best dairy cattle in the world, consider importing the Holstein Friesian cattle into Vietnam.

You can benefit from their high milk yields. Consider the following facts:

  • Holstein Friesians can produce up to 18,000 litres of milk per lactation
  • This milk has 3.82% fat and 3.21% protein
  • They have an average lactation period of 305 days

It's estimated that Australians consume 103 litres of milk per year. This is important to note as worldwide, there is a growing demand for high quality dairy products. Grow your business with top quality dairy cattle.

One cow to consider for this purpose is the Holstein cow. The following information will describe their features and benefits.

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Their Origin

First, a quick overview of their origin. Holstein cows come from northern Holland and Friesland, but are now popularly used all throughout the world; the count stands at over 150 countries.

In Australia, where we export dairy cattle to other countries, Holstein cows make up 83% of dairy herds; the number is 94% for Canada and 93% for America. It's clear that these cows win hands down when it comes to cost-effectiveness for farmers.


Physical Appearance

The Holstein cow is covered in characteristic white and black patterns. On rare occasions, they can appear red and white instead.

Holstein cows are large in stature and can weigh as much as 630 kilograms and stand at 1.47 meters for shoulder height once full grown.



These are easy-going cows that don't get stressed out easily. Because they're so laidback, you can put them either in stables or pastures. They adapt easily to different farming situations. That’s why they are ideal for export to Vietnam.


Maturity for Breeding

Calves grow up very quickly, which makes them ideal for breeding. You can breed heifers once they reach 13 months of age, which is relatively early when compared to other dairy cows.

Once they've reached breeding age, Holstein cows have superb fertility rates, which ensures you get the most out of your herd.


Milk Production

The Holstein cow is superior to all other breeds when it comes to milk production. They produce milk for 305 days of the year, which can yield up to 18,000 litres.

While they're already a top-performing breed, Holstein cows now produce more milk than ever before, thanks to artificial insemination technology. The quality in stock has increased exponentially since the 1940s because of this. For example, one bull can father 50,000 female calves.


Other Uses

While Holstein cows are the top milk producers in the bovine world, they have other uses as well. For example, in the last hundreds of years, we also bred them for their meat.


Video: Holstein Friesian Cattle

On the farm: Holstein Friesian cattle on the farm in Victoria, Australia


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As you can see, Holstein cows are a favoured dairy breed: an asset to any farm. Not only do they mature quickly and breed easily, but they're also very hardy. With their exceptional milk productivity, Holstein cows are a must-have for the success of your dairy farm.

If you're interested in importing Holstein cows for your farm, then make a trade enquiry today.