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Import Dairy Livestock into Qatar



Who We Are

Australia's Livestock Exporters is an international exporter of dairy livestock and breeder stock. We export only the best dairy livestock from Australia and can help you to increase your herd size in Qatar. Unlike other livestock exporters that primarily deal with export for slaughter, our specialty is export for breeding and dairy purposes.  

With a successful track record of exporting close to 100,000 head of livestock, we are the proven and reliable choice when it comes to livestock export companies. 

Import dairy livestock directly into Qatar today.



What We Do

With our extensive industry connections and existing supply chain infrastructure, we stand read, willing and able to export livestock to Qatar. We can help you to import dairy livestock into the including:


Full Export Service to Qatar

Rest assured that we operate under strict regulations and we adhere to Australian Government requirements and regulations across our export process. Australia’s Livestock Exporters export livestock by sea and air. We are recognised as having one of the world’s highest animal welfare standards for livestock exports. 

When importing dairy and breeder livestock into Qatar, we can provide the following export services:

  • Selection & health testing
  • Administration & quarantine
  • Joining program
  • Transportation by air or sea


Why Choose Australia’s Livestock Exporters?

  • You can benefit from importing livestock from pristine environments across Australia
  • Our livestock breeds are remarkably heat tolerant, which is a real benefit for you in Qatar
  • We have exported to different government agencies all around the world including: various departments of defence, the United Nations and world leading dairy farms.
  • We export purebred heifers with pedigree certificates
  • We provide videos of each head, complete with tag number, so you can select your preferred cattle, as desired.


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