Meet the ALE Team

Karl Isaac (Director) 

Karl has over 20 years experience in the dairy livestock export industry, having completed a bachelor in business & administration he has extensive experience in international trade, supply chains and has been part of numerous live dairy export research projects, animal welfare stocktakes and more. Today he still maintains a leading role in the administration of agricultural research in the Dairy livestock industry. 


Bill Parker (Chairman)

Bill Parker is a primary producer in the Goulburn valley region of Victoria, operating a successful dairy farm he is a true dairy industry leader. Bill has extensive experience in the engagement and representation of multiple groups and primarily concentrates on strong governance, animal welfare and strategic input.


Trevor Robbins  (Export Manager) 

Having been born on a Holstein dairy farm and later taking on the family farm operation, Trevor has over 50 years in the Dairy farm industry, Trevor later completed he’s veterinarian degree in the early 80’s Trevor brings both veterinarian and Dairy expertise to the company. 


Ben Bailey (Quarantine Manager) 

Having grown up on a dairy farm and holding a veterinarian degree, Ben has vast experience in identifying quality cattle, caring of cattle, the supervision of stockmen, preparation and vaccinations.


John Mcdonald (Supply Manager) 

Having grown up in Victoria Australia’s Dairy hub state, John has made many contacts and extensive support in the Dairy Farming industry.


Dr Keith Mosley (VET)

Keith is a veterinarian who has worked with the live export industry since the early 1980s, in various roles both in Australia and overseas including the Middle East and south east Asia as a regulator, veterinary service provider, consultant and  senior manager.


Abdulla Sultan Al khyeli (Middle East Manager) 

Abdulla is a UAE national and has over 30 years experience in the Middle Eastern livestock market. Agriculture has been part of Abdulla’s life from an early age, being raised and born in Al Ain UAE Abdulla has become an expert in the agricultural field. Abdulla has extensive experience and understanding on the hostile enviromental & economic impacts across the Middle East. He also has knowlege and understanding on feed availability.


Rebecca  (Finance/ Administration Manager)

Having worked at a accounting firm for over 10 years and growing up in the Goulburn valley Victoria region, Rebecca has extensive experience in both finance and administration as well a true appreciation of the rural and dairy cattle industry. 


Mary Barnes  (Dairy Goat Specialist)

Mary was born on a Saanen Dairy goat farm and later started breeding Dairy Goats. Having grown up on the farm, Mary brings with her extensive expertise and experience in the goat Dairy industry.